5 Items to Bring for Your Pet to St. Augustine Beaches


Bring your fur baby to the beach and make sure that you pack these essential items with you for an enjoyable experience!

1.  Water Bowl

It gets hot on the white sand next to the Atlantic Ocean, so put some cold water into a bowl for your pup to cool down with.  Splashing a bottle of water in their face isn’t going to be an efficient way to keep them hydrated.

2.  Umbrella

For those of us who go to the beach to sunbathe and get a tan, an umbrella may not be a normal beach item to bring.  But when you have your dog with you, make sure they can sit in the shade so that they don’t get overheated.

3.  Toys

Not all dogs like the crashing ocean waves.  Bring a ball for your dog to fetch so that they get some fun playtime.

4. Beach towel or blanket

When your dog wants to rest, a beach towel or blanket is perfect for them to lay down on.Any respite from the hot sand that you can give your dog is good!

5. A Bag

If you have a dog, you know you normally bring a bag everywhere. Be considerate and clean up after your pet if they need to take care of their business during your beach visit.

Plan your next St. Augustine Beach vacation with every member of your family, including your fur baby. Contact us today to find out which pet-friendly condo is perfect for you.