Best Things to Donate for the Fall/Winter Seasons


2020 has been a rough year for everyone. A lot of people have lost jobs, homes and more due to this pandemic. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to stop and think about those less fortunate than ourselves. I know that donating (and even taking donations) can be scary right now, but there are still very safe ways to donate the things that people will really need going into the colder months. Here are some of the best things you can donate this season.



 When you are thinking about things to donate, candy probably isn’t first on your list, but with Halloween coming up a lot of places are accepting sealed bags of candy as donations for children along with nearly new costumes. I’m sure that by now you have a closet full of Halloween costumes that you’ve worn once and never plan on wearing again. Instead of throwing them away, wash and donate them. You could be providing a costume for someone who isn’t able to afford it or for a child who wouldn’t have otherwise had one.


Fall/Winter Clothes

 With the temperature getting lower, people are starting to bundle up in all their fall and winter gear. Unfortunately, there are those out there who don’t have the clothes they would need to keep warm during these cold months. When going through your closet look for sweaters and scarfs that you don’t want anymore and think about donating them so that everyone can stay warm this season. Other things that could really help are blankets, socks, underwear, beanies or anything else that can keep you warm.



 With Christmas just a couple of months away, new/gently used toys can really be one of the best things to donate right now. I would recommend buying brand new toys to donate to local children’s charities and hospitals. You will be making a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate.


 Safe to say you should always wash/disinfect any items you wish to donate, as well as calling ahead to ensure that where you want to donate is accepting donations.  Contact us now if you have any questions about any local charities accepting donations or if you would like to book your next vacation with us.