Festival Season Tips and Tricks



St. Augustine festival season is soon to be in full swing. Below is a local’s guide to surviving to crowds and saving some money.



Try to buy your tickets online.

Often events are cheaper when you buy in advance. Some festivals can cost you up to $5 more per person when you buy at the gate.



Bring a Reusable Bag

Most of the time, events like festivals will have vendors that are selling jewelry or some sort of craft. To keep you hands free bring an over-the-shoulder bag or a backpack if allowed. 




Bring Sunscreen

There’s a reason Florida is called The Sunshine State! The worst thing is getting sunburned and not being able to find shade.  If you can find sunscreen, it will likely cost more than at a regular store.




Wear Something Comfortable

Usually events are in a field. Wear shoes that will be easy to walk in and clothes that will not be too hot and clingy. Personally, I go for a good old pair of Converse and add a baseball hat to cover my face from the sun.




Don’t wait to leave the house at the last minute. Give yourself extra time to find parking and not be rushed. Most of the time you are guaranteed to find parking at the parking garage. If that does not work, you can always try the fort for metered parking.



Book in Advance

If you know that you are coming for a festival but sure to book in advance. Call your trusted vacation rental managers to see what units would work for your stay. Contact us today 904-471-6606.