Make the Most of Your Holiday Season in St. Augustine

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Temperatures dropping and crisp air rushing in signals the end of summer and the fast-approaching holiday season but things work a little different in St. Augustine. On the northeast coast of Florida, it never gets too cold so not only is it an extended summer but you also get to enjoy comfortable holidays for all of the fun events. There is always something going on in St. Augustine but the beauty is that you never have to worry about being too cold or uncomfortable. If you're dreading the thought of another winter, it might be time to start considering how to make the most of your holdiay season by joining us in St. Augustine. 

Holly jolly activities, warm air, and oceanfront accommodations are just a few of the reasons to head south. As you start planning a trip, we have a quick guide to help you get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so much more in the Ancient City. 

Spread the Cheer: St. Augustine Holiday Events

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St. Augustine is a historic city filled with so many amazing activities any given week but you can truly feel that sense of nostalgia when the holidays come around. The first thing you're going to notice is the lights. It'd be hard to talk about the holidays here without mentioning the award-winning display of lights all throughout the city. You'll get to reconnect with that childlike joy of Christmas as your eyes are filled with more than 3 million lights adorning every corner throughout St. Augustine during the Nights of Lights. Beginning November 20th through January 31st, you can enjoy the lights and even take a trolley tour so you won't miss the best parts.

If you love history then you're sure to have a blast at Colonial Nightwatch. Every year, an 18th century re-enactment takes place showcasing Spanish, British, French, colonial, and Native American military, cultural, and arts. This year the event will take place on December 4th with a Torchlight Parade at 7pm. 

Beyond the fun events, you'll have access to amazing last-minute holiday shopping and other mainstays of history and culture in St. Augustine. Take a trip to the outlets, visit the Pirate Museum, and so much more during your visit. 

Packing Tip: You Only Need a Light Sweater

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One of the added bonuses of a holiday in Florida is the warm weather. If you're planning your trip, you'll only have to bring a light sweater for your outerwear. With average high temperatures in the mid 70s in November and upper 60s in December, it never gets too chilly in the day with mornings only dipping into the 40s. A sweater or jacket is more than enough to keep you warm when you're watching the lights or visiting the many historical attractions around town. 

Temperatures may swing warmer or colder depending on the day but a light jacket or raincoat should be more than sufficient for those cooler days and you can peel it off on the warmer ones. Bring some sandals for those evening walks on the beach and comfortable tennis shoes if you're going to be walking around to view Christmas lights and shop! 

Book Now: Secure Your Perfect St. Augustine Vacation Rental

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The last thing left to do is make sure you have the perfect place to call your home-away-from-home for the holidays in St. Augustine. Whether you're looking for something sitting right on the ocean, a spacious kitchen for home-cooked meals, or something more cozy, The St. Augustine Beach and Tennis Resort has comfortable accommodation for you. Choose from villas, condos, or townhomes and book your vacation rental today for some holiday relaxation.

All vacation rentals come equipped with WiFi so you can even get work done on your vacation. Enjoy a washer/dryer, fully-equipped kitchen, and screened-in lanai as well. When you're planning a getaway to St. Augustine Beach and Tennis Resort, there really is no wrong choice. 

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