Things to do in the A/C During Summer

dog in ac

It is beginning to feel like every summer is getting hotter and hotter, and, while it can be nice to enjoy the beautiful summer days at the beach or by the pool, spending too much time outside can be harmful as well. Sweating, sunburns, heatstroke are all reasons why cooling off is necessary when the temperature outside is hitting triple digits. Here are a few fun activities you can do inside to cool off around St. Augustine.


Visit Shops

 Walking around downtown St. Augustine in the heat can get exhausting very quickly. Luckily, the best part of visiting downtown is getting to check out all the amazing shops along St. George Street and more. You can also check out one of the indoor shopping rows where you will be able to visit all kinds of different stores featuring candy, magic, comic book, and souvenir stores.


Visit Local Restaurants and Bars

 Downtown St. Augustine has no shortage of unique restaurants and bars where you can grab a bite or wet your whistle while you cool off. Whether you just want to take a break from walking and grab a snack or sit down for a meal and a drink at the end of your sightseeing, here you can find something to satisfy any appetite. If you are feeling something sweet, we have you covered there as well. There is no better way to cool off than with an assortment of ice cream, gelato, milkshakes, and more cold treats sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Relax in your Beach and Tennis Vacation Condo

 After a long day of being out in the summer heat, the best way to cool off is to kick up your feet and relax in your Beach and Tennis vacation condo. Let the kids enjoy some tv or board games as you wind down and get ready for your next adventure outdoors, or just enjoy the company of family and friends at the end of a great day.


 Here in St. Augustine, we know it can get hot. That is why there is no shortage of ways for you to cool off while still having a great time and enjoying your vacation. Contact us now to book your summer getaway!