Tips for Bringing Your Dog on a St. Augustine Beach Vacation!

A dog sits on a St. Augustine beach

Plan a trip for the whole family to enjoy St. Augustine beaches! With a stay in a pet-friendly St. Augustine vacation rental, you can feel right at home with your four-legged friend tagging along. But if this is your first time bringing along your furry friend on a vacation, you may be unsure of what you should pack and what to expect. Luckily, we have your guide to bringing along your pup to a St. Augustine vacation rental!  

What You Should Bring for Your St. Augustine Vacation 

When you pack for your stay in a pet-friendly St. Augustine vacation rental, you need to remember to bring everything your pup may need! First, you should bring along their food, treats, and water along with bowls for them. Consider a pop-up water bowl so you can take it on-the-go during your stay. If your dog needs to take any medications, make sure to bring those along as well. For rest and play, you should also ensure that you bring along a dog bed and toys to keep your dog comfortable and entertained during the trip!  

Other items that are good to bring along is an extra collar and leash with ID tags that are up to date. Also, make sure that you have a copy (or a virtual copy) of your dog's vaccination records in case you need to make an unexpected trip to the vet. For keeping things tidy during your stay, it's a good idea to bring along paper towels, baby wipes, and, of course, baggies for cleaning up any waste along the way.  

Tips for Visiting a St. Augustine Beach with a Dog 

During your St. Augustine vacation you’ll want to bring your pup to the beach! But just like we prepare with sunscreen and beach towels, our four-legged friends also need some beach gear to make the day as enjoyable as possible!  

Be aware that if the sand is hot on your feet, it is also hot for your pup! So be sure to bring along either a blanket or even booties for your dog to protect their paws from the hot sand. An umbrella can help both you and your pup stay cool and out of the sun during your beach day. You can also bring along dog-friendly sunscreen to ensure that your pup doesn’t get burned. A beach day is sure to make you thirsty as well so be sure to bring along plenty of water and a bowl for your dog to quench their thirst during the day!  

If your dog is eager to for splashing playtime in the ocean, a life vest is a perfect way to ensure your pup stays safe during their beach vacation. A life vest with a handle is perfect to make sure that if you need to, you can pull them back to shore. Throughout the day, keep an eye out for any sign of over-heating or exhaustion and make sure your dog gets a break from the heat if needed! 

Find a St. Augustine Vacation Rental! 

A select few of the St. Augustine vacation rentals at the Beach and Tennis Resort are pet-friendly! Start planning a trip to enjoy the best of life on the beach with your four-legged friend with a stay at this coastal community! 

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